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KINDLE HOLY CHANGE is a free 14-week, self-paced experiential immersion in the HEARTS ON FIRE spiritual leadership practices, a framework for creatively navigating in community the spiritual work of holy change. This offering is designed to foster spiritual wisdom and build community among faith leaders navigating change and imagining new ways of being church.

By summer 2024 this cohort will be fully equipped to facilitate and teach others to lead the HEARTS ON FIRE framework, a creative path to higher spirituality and church innovation.KINDLE HOLY CHANGE is made possible by a grant from Trinity Church, New York, to The Diocese of Atlanta in partnership with The Society for the Increase of the Ministry.

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Hello, we’re Courtney Cowart and Jim Goodmann, with The Society for the Increase of the Ministry, and we are delighted to be working in partnership with The Diocese of Atlanta to lead this training cohort. We’ve spent decades developing the Hearts on Fire Spiritual Leadership Practices for discerning and developing the spiritual gifts needed to navigate holy change.

These practices are adaptable ways of convening circles of sacred space, providing a framework where worship, testimony, discernment, bold imagination, visioning and design are woven together to rekindle our callings from God and equip us live them out in communities of faith in new ways.Our life’s work is to support those who are ready to live more deeply into their callings, evolve spiritually, and help others in their communities of faith do so, too.

Courtney is Executive Director of the Society of the Increase of the Ministry. She has a doctorate in Ascetical Theology from General Seminary, has been a Associate Dean and Director of the Beecken Center at Sewanee, and led numerous innovative ministries over the past thirty years.

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Jim is Associate Director at SIM, has led vocational discernment programs and continuing education programs at Sewanee, and has administered scholarship programs in theological education for nearly 25 years. Both of us have years of experience training, leading, and supporting the spiritual growth of church leaders.

Now we’re expanding our ability to share the wisdom we’ve gained and reach more people with these circles of Practice - by creating online cohorts for engaging the spiritual work associated with leading change and offering online training in facilitating Hearts on Fire for the first time.

It’s time we kindle holy change.

Kindle Holy Change is a simple yet powerful self-paced online training program engaged in community cohorts, that taps into your creativity and connection to the divine. In Kindle Holy Change you will learn how to facilitate Hearts on Fire, practice, and share your insights and ideas with others. We offer this facilitator training with recorded instructional videos, live practice and coaching conversations, and peer-to-peer engagement.Through this powerful process, you will eventually equip the lay leaders of your church with a framework of spiritual exercises that expand their clarity and confidence in their callings and inspire all to share their gifts within their own congregation and beyond.At the core of this process is the kindling of the spark within you to live the life you are really longing to live - and to help others do the same. It’s easy to access, wonderful to learn, and joyful to share.

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Kindle Holy Change:
Hearts on Fire Spiritual Practices Facilitator Training Course

Our first cohort begins in April. Join our waitlist now and you’ll be the first to hear when enrollment opens.

God is doing a very new thing in our midst, and that is both exciting and at times extremely daunting. Hearts on Fire gives small communities of faith a framework for creatively navigating the spiritually demanding work of holy change and new birth.

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The framework leads communities through a set of contemporary spiritual exercises that support the spiritual work of deep discernment, relationship-building, holy listening, letting go, prophetic imagining, adaptation, and design, so that without ordained leadership, small communities can faithfully develop the shared wisdom, vision and courage required of those entrusted by God with the reimagination of church.

Joining this cohort is for you if you are:

  • A small congregation looking for new approaches to nurturing spiritual growth and ministry and you do not have full-time clergy leadership

  • In a diocesan congregational development role and looking for new approaches and resources that will help the small churches of your diocese thrive

  • Find you need to expand the number of lay leaders equipped and engaged in leading ministries of your church

  • Need to lead your church through a discernment and visioning process regarding the future

  • Need a liturgical resource that does not require an ordained presence to lead weekly worship and which powerfully supports spiritual growth and development of your membership particularly in ways that support navigating rapid change

  • Establishing small groups or “house church” as a framework for building community and deepening spiritual life

  • Planting a new church or parallel alternative community of faith alongside a larger traditional congregation

Join us for our next cohort in April.

We invite you to join the waitlist for our next cohort. You will receive your course workbook, schedule, access to resources and a dashboard for accessing everything via email shortly before the course begins.

Attend live online trainings

Each cohort has a live training component, an opportunity to delve deeper into the practices, to engage with other facilitators, and to work through your own facilitation questions and challenges.

Design your own ministry

With the help of Jim, Courtney, and your cohort, you’ll receive guided engagement in dreaming big, discerning, designing and hosting your particular version of a sacred space that kindles holy change.

Share the Practices with others

Facilitators who complete the course are licensed to lead sessions of the practices as formational experiences or as worship, and to coach teams who are using the practices to imagine new ways of being church.

Become All Flame

Want to experience the practices immediately? Join our community engagement space: Become All Flame

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Get the Support You Need

We are midwives of God’s future that is seeking to be born through all of us, especially in small congregations. We are free in Christ to participate in discerning exciting parts of God’s new creation. We are ready and eager to support you and help you Kindle Holy Change. Will you join us?

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